Where will your tastebuds take you?

Want a new taste sensation, every day of the week?

With Inbru, and your imagination, the possibilities are endless!

Flavor Your Day

With Inbru, the flavor combinations are almost endless!

Chocolate Pecan, Blueberry Danish, Caramel Cookie...

What will your new favorite be?

Flavor Your Day!

Start Your Mornings Right

Begin your day with sugar-free, fat-free, calorie-free, carb-free flavored coffee. Make a better choice with Inbru.

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Just the Way You Like

Scoop your favorite Inbru flavor (or flavors!) into any ground coffee - Then, just "Bru" it!

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Inbru Fall Flavors

"Fall" in love with our autumn line-up!

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Taste the Difference

Your coffee should taste just the way you like it: fresh and flavorful. We're Inbru Coffee Flavors, the greatest thing to happen to coffee since, well, the grinder. The secret is in our organic rice hulls. We flavor them perfectly using our patented method, so you can flavor your coffee any way you'd like. Best of all, we do it without adding any sugar, calories, fat, gluten or carbs. Just add Inbru along with your freshly ground coffee, brew and enjoy!

We have great news for our Canadian customers! Inbru has partnered with Maduro Coffee Company in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Maduro will now be fulfilling all Canadian orders. For orders, please contact info@maduro.ca

Maduro Coffee Company

401 Pakwa Place #5

Saskatoon, SK S7L 6A3

(306) 933-4449



Your Coffee + Inbru

Sometimes, you just want to add a little flavor to your coffee, and for that, there's Inbru. We have 24 flavors to choose from, each with a one-year shelf life. That means you can enjoy a different coffee experience every day of the week with the coffee beans you already have at home.

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Our Products

Salted Toffee

Salted Toffee

Inbru Salted Toffee blends the flavors of creamy, salty caramel with cream, to produce a delicious, guilt-free treat for your taste buds!

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