About Inbru Coffee Flavors

About Inbru Coffee Flavors

The Sustainable Way To Flavor Coffee

Inbru is an innovative, new coffee flavoring product made from California Rice Hulls infused with aromatics and essential oils.

Inbru Coffee Flavors are made from Natural California Rice Hulls, the tough parchment surrounding and protecting each grain of rice as it grows and develops. When hulls are removed from rice during milling, the product is familiar pure brown rice. The hulls, however, are generally discarded. Rice hulls are an excellent natural flavor carrier. In fact, rice hulls are often used by home beer brewers as a filter medium because the material is absolutely taste-neutral, natural, and will not dissolve when exposed to high temperatures, moisture and pressure.

Adding Inbru to the ground coffee in your brew basket is all it takes to flavor a cup or a pot of delicious coffee at home or work. The hot water and gentle agitation of the brew process release the Inbru flavors as the coffee is extracted. Inbru doesn't dissolve in the coffee - it remains in the filter with the coffee grounds. Inbru is brewed flavor.

Like coffee grounds, Inbru Coffee Flavors are 100 percent compostable and biodegradable. The PET plastic container, scoop and lid are completely recyclable.

Inbru is a dry, aromatic product that maintains its flavor for a year or more. Like any spice or herb, keeping your Inbru sealed when not in use will help maintain its essential aromas and flavors.

Inbru is non-allergenic and contains:

  • no calories
  • no carbs
  • no sugar
  • no fat
  • no wheat
  • no soy
  • no dairy
  • no gluten
  • no peanuts
  • no tree nuts