Why Choose Inbru

More and more retailers, roasters and baristas are choosing Inbru as their preferred method of flavoring coffee

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Improve freshness and taste while reducing inventory

With 24 flavors and a shelf life of one year, Inbru is a better way to manage your expensive coffee inventory while improving freshness and taste. Imagine using one bag of coffee to make all your flavors. You can radically increase the variety you offer customers while opening one bag of coffee. With Inbru, your entire inventory can consist of one coffee.

Save shipping costs and space

Inbru is packaged in lightweight recyclable containers that take up a fraction of storage space compared to coffee. Domestic orders of $150, or more, ship FREE, via USPS. If USPS doesn't work for your location, please let us know, in the comment section (at checkout), and we'll contact you to make arrangements!

Better coffee makes better tasting flavored coffee

What do you know about the coffee behind your flavored beans? When was the last time your roaster cupped that coffee? Why was that particular blend chosen? What about decaf? Inbru puts you in control of your customer's flavored coffee experience. You pick the beans. You pick the flavor.

It's easy to use Inbru in your cafe

Flavoring coffee with Inbru in your cafe is as easy as adding a single scoop (see our guide to determine the right color for your needs) to the ground coffee in the filter basket. From single cup/French press to any airpot or high volume server, Inbru has the right scoop for your application.

Enhance your customer's retail coffee experience

You'll use Inbru 120g, 240g, and 480g jars to flavor coffee easily and consistently in your cafe. With the Inbru 30g retail jar, your customers can bring home the same Inbru product with a pound of your freshly roasted beans - Dark Roast, Light Roast, Decaf... We even include a scoop inside and a simple brewing guide on every label. Inbru makes a terrific seasonal gift basket item, and with such a year shelf life, you simply can't lose!